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Marine & Industrial Diesel Applied Services, (M.I.D.A.S)   our attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader.  With such a wide range of services to choose from, we are confidant you will find  exactly the type of support that will suit all your needs. If you would like assistance at any time, or you don't see your exact requirements listed  in the solutions and services page, then do please send an e-mail or telephone, we will always contact you, endeavour to help, and will provide you with expert guidance throughout.


We aim to provide the best possible support and service at all times, and always keep customer costs in perspective.



M.I.D.A.S is an established company working within the marine and industrial diesel, gas engine repair, service and overhaul business.  We have over 30 years hands on experience in the engine business, both marine and industrial,  We lead a 1st class team.


The M.I.D.A.S team have previously worked for very well known engine manufacturers who have supplied engines and service work to many end users world wide.  These include US Coast Guard,  Navy's throughout the world including our own UK Navy, also to cruise liners, oil and gas carrying vessels, rig supply vessels, and land based engines in power plants, again, throughout the world.  We work on fast and conventional ferries for UK and European based companies,  general cargo vessels, specialist research vessels, also carrying out overhaul and maintenance on generators for facilities management companies.  The list can go on and on, we have an absolute plethora of knowledge and experience.


We are one of the very few uk companies outside of the OEM that carry out work on the more modern Paxman VP185 for which we can supply some spare parts, also with being a ex OEM engineer we can cover major work on engines that are now classed as MAN english heritage engines, these being Ruston, Mirrlees, and older Paxman engines.


We also specialise in working on super yachts, from general tune up to major service work.


We carry out decoke, general service, and major overhaul for waste to energy engines, and can also provide a call out service to reduce customer down time and maximise revenue.


Again our aim is always to provide an efficient, cost effective, reliable service to all our customers.

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We pride ourselves on being a 24/7 365 days a year company

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